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Should I acclimate hardwood, laminate, bamboo, or cork and what temperature?

Transcription Below:

“When preparing for installation of laminate flooring, hardwood, bamboo,
cork, et cetera, those hard surfaces, you’re going to want definitely
acclimate. Whether we do the installation professionally, or you do it
yourself, you’re going to want to acclimate with within 24 to maybe even 72
hours, depending on what the manufacturer suggests. In the boxes, pretty
much in every box, sometimes in every other box, you’ll find there are
installation instructions, acclimation instructions, floor preparation
instructions, et cetera.

What you’ll want to do is definitely follow those to the tee. You’ll want
the temperature to be between 68 to 72 degrees constant, before you bring
the floor over, during the acclimation process and even after. You want to
definitely keep it in that range so that the floor doesn’t expand, over-
expand or over-contract during the acclimation, pre-installation, and post-
installation process.”

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